CRISAccess Benefits

CRISAccess Provides Turn-Key Service

  • Provides voice-over talent in English and/or Spanish.
  • Delivers indoor and outdoor audio tours
  • Prints QR Codes signs on outdoor resistant PVC Sentra materials.
  • Expands your museum’s online presence with hyperlinks to museum and recordings on the CRISAccess website.

CRISAccess Enhances Visitor Experiences

two men using CRIS Access at the Mark Twain House Museum
  • Offers an interactive and engaging destination by connecting visitors with exhibit information they might not have access to otherwise.
  • Improves outdoor exhibits and walking tours with CRISAccess Mobile App’s GPS-triggered audio tours.

CRISAccess Provides Expertise

  • Brings four decades of audio production experience.
  • Offers state-of-the-art audio recording studios for organizations that identify own voice talent (at no additional charge).

CRISAccess Offers Flexibility – Three Services in One

man in blue shirt with two women wearing black tops viewing the use of a smartphone to scan a QR code for the carousel exhibit
  • Virtual tours featuring CRISAccess audio recordings for online or virtual tours.
  • Outdoor walking tours with CRISAccess Mobile App offering both GPS and/or QR codes.
  • Indoor “Talking Exhibits” with CRISAccess Mobile App offering QR Codes printed on PVC Sentra.

CRISAccess Saves Money and Trouble

Closeup of smartphone scanning QR Code
  • No extra costs for special touring devices. Visitors use their own smartphone or mobile device.
  • No extra cost for experienced voice-over talent.
  • Free CRISAccess Mobile App.
  • Complimentary “Welcome Sign” recording and QR Code-assisted download.
  • No extra cost for QR Codes and signage on PVC Sentra materials.