Henry Whitfield State Museum

Construction of the Henry Whitfield State Museum began in 1639 when a group of English Puritans, including Reverend Henry Whitfield and his family, entered into an agreement with the Menunkatuck band of the Quinnipiac tribe and renamed the area Guilford. Built of local granite, it is now considered to be Connecticut’s oldest house and New England’s oldest stone house. The site is a State Archaeological Preserve and is an important example of Colonial Revival restoration work, therefore named a National Historic Landmark.

CRIS Solution

Providing an audio tour of the Henry Whitfield State Museum, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, offers individuals with print challenges access to the information printed on signage displayed outside the 8-acre site's primary buildings – the Whitfield House, Education Center, and Visitor Center.

a picture of the henry whitfield state museum which is built with gray stones

Whitfield House

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Whitfield Visitor Center

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Whitfield Education Building

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Casa Whitfield

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Centro de Visitantes Whitfield

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Edificio Educativo Whitfield

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248 Old Whitfield Street
Guilford, CT 06437

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