You have stories to tell. Tell them with CRISAccess.

CRISAccess provides human-narrated audio exhibits and walking tours with our free mobile app that integrates GPS and QR Code technologies.


More Engagement! More Fun! More Accessible!

Affordable, human-narrated audio tours for ALL abilities through your visitors’ smartphones.

CRISAccess App Helps Museum Staff and Visitors Stay Safe During COVID

COVID-19 has changed everything. From schools to stores, its impact has been felt nearly everywhere. This also holds true for museums. The pandemic has led museum administrators to turn to digital audio tour alternatives, such as the CRISAccess app.

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two men using CRIS Access at the Mark Twain House Museum

CRIS Helps You create Audio Tours

Creating an audio tour for your visitors is easy and CRIS will help you do it

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Jonathan_Dream_Park a photo of CRIS Access QR Code

Our Clients

Museums, schools, and senior centers all benefit from our services.

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